KBLLP Prevails Against Five Inter Partes Review Petitions

On August 31, 2020 the Patent Trial and Appeal Board denied institution of five Petitions for Inter Partes Review filed by Google LLC challenging four patents owned by Personalized Media Communications, LLC’s (“PMC”) (IPR2020-00719, -720, -722, -723, and -724).  As PMC noted in its Preliminary Responses, the district court case would consider the same validity issues and trial was imminent.  The board agreed and found that “institution of inter parties review would be an inefficient use of the Board’s resources.”  See, e.g., IPR2020-00722, Paper No. 22.

On November 30, 2020 Google requested a rehearing in all five IPRs and PMC opposed.  In denying all five rehearing requests, the board noted Google’s failure to demonstrate any error or abuse of discretion in the board’s original denial.

Personalized Media Communications, LLC is represented by Kheyfits Belenky LLP.

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